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UN’s Najat Rochdi Briefs the UN Security Council on Lebanon

18 March 2021

  • Ms. Najat Rochdi, Officer in Charge of the Office of UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, and Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary General for Peace Operations, today briefed the UN Security Council virtually on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1701 (2006) and the situation in Lebanon, as reflected in the latest report of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Ms. Rochdi voiced deep concern over the socio-economic and financial crisis in Lebanon that has continued to deteriorate since the last meeting of the Security Council in November, and which has had implications on the country’s security and stability.  

Noting the rise in public protests and the disillusionment and hardships felt by a majority of the Lebanese people, Ms. Rochdi said Lebanese authorities should act urgently to halt the deepening crisis and ensure good governance. Security Council members agreed that Lebanon’s political forces should immediately facilitate the formation of a fully-empowered Government to undertake the reforms necessary to put Lebanon on the path of recovery and restore the trust of the people and the international community.

Security Council members welcomed the role played by the Lebanese Armed Forces and security forces in safeguarding Lebanon’s sovereignty, security and stability during this very sensitive period of Lebanese history, even though they were also impacted by the socio-economic crisis.

They also welcomed the role played by UNIFIL in supporting the LAF to safeguard security and stability in south Lebanon. They highlighted the importance of both Lebanon and Israel respecting the Blue Line and implementing Resolution 1701 in its entirety.

On the importance of promoting the rule of law, Ms. Rochdi reiterated the need for full accountability and justice to be served, through credible, transparent and swift investigations into the Beirut port explosion and last month’s killing of Mr. Lokman Slim.

Council Members acknowledged Lebanon’s continuing efforts to host and support refugees despite multiple challenges.

Ms. Rochdi highlighted the importance of continued international unity in support of Lebanon’s sovereignty, stability and security.

Security Council members reiterated their support for Lebanon, its people, its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

UN’s Najat Rochdi Briefs the UN Security Council on Lebanon

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