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Statement of the UN Special Coordinator on the municipal elections in Lebanon

03 April 2023

  • Beirut, 3 April 2023 -- The UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Joanna Wronecka, welcomes today’s announcement by Lebanon’s caretaker Minister of Interior and Municipalities calling for municipal elections during 7 May through 28 May 2023. Conducting the municipal elections is important for adhering to Lebanon’s constitutional timelines and democratic practices, at a time when the country is already facing a presidential vacancy and widespread institutional paralysis.

The Special Coordinator hopes all stakeholders will take the steps to ensure a smooth, inclusive and transparent electoral process and enable the Lebanese to exercise their political rights in a peaceful and orderly environment. Since their postponement last year, the United Nations has provided considerable assistance in support of these elections.

The upcoming municipal elections offer an opportunity for citizens to make their voices heard and to enhance their involvement in local governance and development and foster local ownership. The Lebanese people deserve effective, responsive and accountable State institutions at all levels.

Most attuned to the people’s rising needs, empowered municipalities can help introduce reforms, new ideas and innovative solutions to improve the delivery of basic public services and contribute to strengthening people’s trust in their institutions. Municipalities are also a key partner for the UN in delivering assistance.

The Special Coordinator calls for making the elections an inclusive process, particularly for women and youth to provide them with a meaningful opportunity to participate and make a difference.



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