Aid to Lebanon : Tracking of development aid received to Lebanon

Since 2011, the aid landscape in Lebanon has changed significantly, with an increased volume and a changed composition of assistance, where the bulk of support is focused on helping Lebanon mitigate the impact of the Syria crisis.

The UN works with donor partners and national/international implementing partners in Lebanon to provide the government with real-time and transparent information on aid flows coming into Lebanon. These aid flows include development, humanitarian, security and all other types of funds. Since 2016, the UN has collected reports on funding flows from Government donors to national entities, UN agencies, NGOs, Lebanon-specific funds and other actors and partners, including the private sector.

This is done through cumulative quarterly updates on reported available funds (carry over and disbursed) and known future/expected commitments to Lebanon. The quarterly updates also present an overview of support by donor and available funds for the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan. Click on the links below to view available funding updates for Lebanon in 2020 and 2019.

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